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I offer studio and location recording services, mixing & record producing.  

I also offer live and remixing services for broadcast transmission and web.

Recent credits include:

(2020) Adam Hender – Losing My Mind (Broadcast Re-Mix)

[Televised MMA Awards / 3Tone Records]

(2020) Laura Marling with 12 Ensemble – Song For Our Daughter (Record & Mix)

[BBC Radio 4 Today Programme]


(2020) Alexandra Burke, London Concert Orchestra and the NHS Choir - You're Not Alone (Additional Mixing NHS Choir)

[Ministry Of Sound]


(2020) Del Gibbons (feat. Marina Berry) – Hollywood [Ambient Rock Mix] (Mix & Master Engineer)

[Cat: B08HMGTQY5 / DG New Media]


(2020) Fairport Convention – Fairport’s Cropredy Connection 2020 web stream (Record, Mix, Master, Sound Supervisor)


(2020) Little Secrets – Altitude (Mix & Master Engineer)

[Cat: Forthcoming release / TBA]


(2020) Little Secrets – Fools (Mix & Master Engineer)

[Cat: Forthcoming release / TBA]


(2020) Fairport Convention – Shuffle And Go (Producer, Engineer)

[Cat: MGCD056 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2019) Björk – Cornucopia (Live) – Location record of the O2 Arena show (Record Engineer, Project Audio Supervisor) 

[Cat: Forthcoming release / One Little Independent]


(2019) Winter Wilson – Live & Unconventional (Record & Mix Engineer)

[Cat: WWCD010 / Self Release]


(2019) Björk - Cornucopia – Studio pre-production; recording, programming & mixing in preparation of a 360-degree immersive touring show. 


(2018) BTS – BTS World Tour “Love Yourself” Europe

At London O2 Arena (Location Recording engineer)

[Cat: 8 809375 120779 / Big Hit Entertainment, South Korea]


(2018) Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Live In Concert With Orchestra (Record Engineer)

[Future release]


(2018) – Soft Cell “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” farewell concert at the O2 Arena (Location record and studio backing track preparation)

[Cat: 7790328, LHN052DVDR]

(2018) Fairport Convention – What We Did On Our Saturday (Producer, Engineer)

[Cat: MGCD055 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2018) Björk - Utopia Live - Studio pre-production recording, programming and mixing in preparation of the “Utopia” album campaign, including coordinated preparation of backing track stems and programming of Protools FX for live use. 


(2017) John Newman – 'Revolve' Album Campaign - Recorded and mixed broadcast stems for album campaign TV appearances and vocal to track appearances, used world-wide.


(2017) Fairport Convention – 50:50@50 (Producer, Engineer)

[Cat: MGCD054 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2016) John Newman – Vevo Presents Live At Koko (Mix Engineer for broadcast)


(2016) John Newman – Live at the Lynx Black Space (Mix, Master)


(2015) Fairport Convention – Myths and Heroes (Producer, Engineer)

[Cat: MGCD053 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2015) Closing Ceremony of Baku European Games 2015 featuring John Newman

Recorded, mixed and produced ‘vocal to track’ stems for live performance of:

Blame, Gold Dust and Love Me Again


(2014) Calvin Harris – Blame feat. John Newman (Record Engineer) 

Recorded demo vocal takes with John Newman

[Cat: G010003234304W / Columbia Records]

(2012) Fairport Convention – Babbacombe Lee Live Again (Producer, Eng, Master)

[Cat: MGCD052 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2012) Fairport Convention - By Popular Request (Producer, Engineer, Master)

[Cat: MGCD051 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2012) Bocelli, Lang Lang & Song Juying  - East Meets West

(Location record engineer for broadcast & potential release)


(2012) Ahab – Live In London (Live Record, Mix Engineer, Master)

[Asin: B0099ETKEU / Barcode: 5051078927220 / Wits End Touring]


(2011) Fairport Convention – Festival Bell (Producer, Engineer, Master) 

[Cat: MGCD050 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2010) Icicle Tree – Borrowing Days (Mix, Master)

[Cat: RNP0101 / Random Note Records]


(2009) Fairport Convention – Off The Screen [DVD] (Record, Mix, Master)

[Cat: MGDVD02 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2009) Fairport Convention – Live At Cropredy ’08 (Mix, Master)

[Cat: MGCD049 / Matty Grooves Records]


(2009) Smokey Bastard – Propping Up The Floor (Mix Engineer)

[Cat: Self Release / Armface Records]


(2008) Women’s Institute AGM, Royal Albert Hall (Location Record, DVD Mix)


(2008) Amy MacDonald – This Pretty Face EP - Dancing In The Dark (Record, Mix, Master)

[Melodramatic Records / Universal Records]


(2008) Amy MacDonald – Born To Run [B-Side] (Record, Mix, Master)

[Melodramatic Records / Universal Records]


(2008) Amy MacDonald – Live On Absolute Radio from the Hard Rock Café (Record, Mix, Master)

[Melodramatic Records / Universal Records]


(2007) Boris Grebenshikov & Aquarium - Live at the Royal Albert Hall

(Mix engineer for DVD - 5.1 Mix, Stereo Mix and Mastering)


(2007) Oojami at the Royal Albert Hall (Location multitrack record)


(2006) Islamic Relief – An Evening of Inspiration live at the Royal Albert Hall (Record Engineer, 5.1 Mix and Stereo down-mix for DVD distribution) [Cat: Unknown]


(2006) The Lazarus Plot – Do You Want To Be Someone? (Record, Mix, Master)

[Cat: Self Release / Illuminated Records]


(2006) The Lazarus Plot – Waiting For Tomorrow (Record, Mix, Master)

[Cat: Self Release / Illuminated Records]


(2005) John Walsh Blues Band – Can You Feel It? (Record, Mix, Master)

[Cat: Self Released / JWBB]


(2005) Shostakovich on Shostakovich, Royal Albert Hall (Location record)


(2005) The Lazarus Plot – Waiting For Tomorrow (Record, Mix, Master)

[Cat: Self Release / Illuminated Records]

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